Allergy eyes in the Texas Panhandle

8 11 2011

During harvest time, there are usually plenty of dry, dusty conditions in the Texas Panhandle.  With the combines going and the wind picking up the dust and pollen, we see an increase in the amount of swollen, itchy, red eyes.   Many people have allergies to corn, milo or cotton pollen that get stirred up in the wind.  Fall brings cedar tree and other evergreen pollen as well.  Here is an example of cedar pollen on YouTube:

Since it’s almost impossible to avoid the airborne antigens that cause allergy eye symptoms around here, it’s best to “head them off at the pass.”

Wearing sunglasses can help some to block some of the dust and particles, not all.

Cold, unpreserved artificial tears that have been in the refrigerator can rinse or dilute the antigens and give some relief if used a couple of times a day.   So can a wet, chilled washcloth if you put it in the freezer for 2-3 minutes without freezing it.   However, if severe enough, an anti-histamine eye drop (sort of like a liquid Claritan or Benadryl) is needed to block the allergic response.   There are several very effective, prescription anti-histamine drops available from your eye doctor.  DO NOT use any “red eye reliever” drops like Visine, Murine, Cleareyes, etc…  These will cause your eyes to stay red and irritated if you use them too much.  It’s the same as using nasal decongestants spray that you can also get addicted to.

For severe allergy eye symptoms, mild anti-inflammatory steroid eye drops are helpful to reduce the inflammation and severity of symptoms. These are also available by prescription.

Major medical insurance will typically cover office visits for allergy eye symptoms.

Your eyes are too important to allow them to suffer from allergy symptoms.  Let us help your eyes feel better.

Courtesy of Dumas Vision Source, PLLC and Dr Tory W. Moore, Optometric Glaucoma Specialist.    Serving the Dumas, Texas,  Moore County and upper Texas Panhandle area for 21 years.   Call (806) 935-2020 for appointment or visit our optical gallery without an appointment.  Connect on Twitter @eyedocdumas and like our Facebook business page:  Dumas Vision Source You also can visit our website for more information.   Tory Moore, OD  – “A Hometown Eye Doctor You Know and Can Trust!”




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