When the Moon Hits Your Eye….

19 11 2013

When I see the big full moon that sometimes occurs, I can’t help but think of Dean Martin singing, “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie….that’s amore!…”

What causes it to look so big?  It’s called the “Moon Illusion.”  It is not really bigger, our brain just perceives it as bigger.  When the moon is at a low enough altitude, our brain compares the moon to the objects on the horizon and we perceive the moon as being bigger than it actually is.

Don’t believe me?  Next time there is a full moon that looks really big coming up at nightfall, take a paper tube like out of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper or even roll up a piece a paper and tape it.  Just make sure  it will stay a consist size.  Look at the moon through the tube when it’s low for a baseline.  Later, when it’s high in the sky, look at it again through the same tube and it will be the same size.

When the moon is high in the sky, there is nothing for our brain to compare the size to so it appears smaller than when it was near the horizon.  It is simply an optical illusion.

Next time you see that big Harvest Moon coming up, kiss your spouse and say, “That’s amore!” And tell them about the Moon Illusion.  If you really want to score brownie points, make them some nice pasta with a good wine and tell them that your love for them is no illusion and see what happens.  😉

Courtesy of Dumas Vision Source, PLLC and Dr Tory W. Moore, Optometric Glaucoma Specialist and Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry.    Serving the Dumas, Texas,  Moore County and upper Texas Panhandle area for 23 years.   Call (806) 935-2020 for appointment or visit our optical gallery without an appointment.  Visit our website www.visionsource-dumas.com for more information.  Like our Facebook business page:  Dumas Vision Source  and you can also connect on Twitter @eyedocdumas

Tory Moore, OD  – “A Hometown Eye Doctor You Know and Can Trust!”




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19 11 2013

Dr. Moore,

Very nicely written!! Great ideas too!



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