Pumpkin pie, good for the eye!

29 11 2013


Feeling a little guilt for all the food on Thanksgiving you ate?  Especially that piece or two of pumpkin pie?  I know my pants are feeling it.  But take heart, at least it’s good for your eyes!  Well, at least the pumpkin part.  Pumpkin is full of carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  This “superfood” I dare say is better than the mythical carrot.  So would acorn, butternut or other squash varieties.  Carotenoids in your diet from whole foods help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and delays cataract onset.   Of course, the whip cream, shortening, sugar and other ingredients may not be so great for your body.  Probably better to prepare them without all the cholesterol and sugar.

So, off to the gym I go to work off that pumpkin pie.  Hey, at least I can see the TV great while on the treadmill!

Courtesy of Dumas Vision…

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