Extra, Extra, See All About It!

7 11 2014

This time of year during fall when the sun is shifting on the horizon it just seems like the glare is worse than normal at sunrise and evenings.  Especially in the flat, treeless plains of the Texas panhandle where you can see forever.  Sunglasses are a necessity when that sun is coming right down the street in your eyes.

In the past, photochromic lenses that change with the light have limited darkening behind the car windshield so most people would have to have a separate pair of sunglasses that stay dark all the time.  That works great but sometimes it is inconvenient for some people when they walk inside and don’t have their clear pair with them or have no place to put their sunglasses once inside.

Transitions Optical has a newer product available now called Transitions XTRactive.  The basic Transitions Signature lenses are better than ever but still need UV to change them.  Windshield glass blocks UV light and so while they are good, they aren’t the very best option if you drive a lot and want to reduce the brightness of light.

Transitions XTRactive lenses however get dark behind the windshield and yet still get almost perfectly clear inside.  The lens tint once you go inside is almost indiscernible.  So if you are one of those that seem to always be switching glasses or end up wearing your sunglasses inside because you forgot the clear pair, this might be a great option for you.

We have demonstration lenses available to see for yourself how dark and how clear they become.  We even guarantee them if you are not happy with their performance and will exchange them for another type.

Come see what they are all about!


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