Acuvue Contacts Change

1 07 2014

While Acuvue is not my lens brand of first choice for most people, there are some patients that are more comfortable with that lens’ thinner design.  One of the benefits of using an independent optometrist like myself and not a chain store, mall doc is I can use whatever lens brand I feel is best for the patient no matter what company it is.  So Acuvue has a place in our arsenal of lens brands.

Vistakon, owned by Johnson & Johnson and the manufacturer of Acuvue lenses,  has recently decided to go from selling 6 packs of their lenses to 12 and 24 packs.  So instead of a 3 month supply, they will come in 6 month or 1 year supplies.  All Acuvue lenses are technically 2 week replacement lenses (except the 1-Day Dailies) and I recommend normally to take them all out every night.  I don’t believe they deliver enough oxygen for the cornea to be healthy and have more risk of long-term damage or infection, in my opinion, though the FDA has recommended up to 6 nights wear with Acuvue Oasys.   Of course the FDA has approved lots of drugs that you later see ambulance chasing lawyers advertising to sue for you from damage those same drugs have done.

We realize this will cost more up front to patients but because of basically buying them in bulk, you would actually save more money over the year than buying 8 boxes of 6 packs to get through a year like before.  Just like buying a 24 roll package of paper towels is cheaper from Costco or Sam’s than if you buy 1 roll at Walmart or grocery store since you buy so many in bulk.


I believe with so many patients over wearing their lenses, the thinking behind this move is to get patients to change them every two weeks like they are supposed to.  You are just defeating the purpose of disposables by not changing them out like you are supposed to.  You change your underwear everyday or your bath water every time don’t you?  Same principle.  Changing your lenses regularly keeps your vision your best, more comfortable and less dry and they can deliver oxygen to your eye more by not being coated with proteins, lipids and calcium from the tears.  Studies done by the industry show patients change their contacts more often like they are supposed to if they have a lot on hand.  So take care of your eyes and replace your contacts on schedule.  Put an alarm in your phone calendar or your Google calendar to remind you if you have to.  You only have two eyes and they have to last you a lifetime.

I want to let our patients know before they need more lenses to be prepared for the difference in Acuvues’ policy.


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