Transitions Lenses – Experience It!

2 02 2014

Experience it!  Experience the world.  There are so many beautiful things to see.  Life is too short to miss it.  Many of us are and we don’t even know it.

For example, when we check young school age children, we occasionally come across one that finds out (usually boys) that he can’t distinguish between the reds/brown/green family of colors.  They just don’t know what they are missing.  To them, everyone sees that way.  You don’t know what you don’t know.   

By the way, I hate the term color blind.  It’s not really accurate since most people who have a color vision problem aren’t blind to colors, they just don’t appreciate all of them as distinctly as others.

However, even people with normal color vision don’t always experience the world with all it’s full glory and color.   The glare of the sun, the haze in the atmosphere, the blue light from electronics…all are causing interference to our vision everyday and sometimes we don’t even realize it.

The new Transitions Signature VII adaptive lenses  have just been released and I have to say I’m impressed. ( )  The lenses are a true dark grey and they get darker in warm weather now, which has been a weakness in the past.  They really make the contrast of colors “pop” more.  I cannot see any tint to it indoors and they change extremely fast.  After seeing it in action and learning more about the new lens technology, I am a bigger believer than ever in this lens now.

We are so careful now days about UV damage to our skin that we now know is a cumulative exposure risk.  The earlier in life we are exposed to damaging UV rays and the longer we are exposed the more risk.  It’s important to start protecting your kids early.  Transitions are sunscreen for the eyes!  Why would you not want you and your kid’s eyes  not protected from harmful UV rays at the earliest age?  And kids are more outside than adults!    I recommend them to all children.

Just like shoes or tools, one lens often doesn’t meet all our vision requirements.  I still recommend sunglasses as a secondary pair while driving for maximum lens darkness.

The new Transitions Signature VII lenses come in all types of lens materials and lens types, including bifocals and progressives.  You can even “test drive” the technology with peel off stickers available at our office that can be placed over your clear lenses to simulate the Transitions Signature 7 lens if you are not sure.  We have sample lenses that we can show you as well.

Come by our office and experience them for yourself!   Don’t miss out on the world.  Experience it to the max with the new Transitions Signature VII adaptive lenses.

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