Attention shoppers! Beware the Blue Light Special!

21 11 2013

Who all remembers the Kmart commercials with the blue light bulb cartoon character advertising their “Blue Light Specials?”  For those not in the know, Kmart shoppers sometimes were able to buy certain items at a special price when the blue police light suddenly came on.  A voice would come over the P.A. system, “Attention Kmart shoppers, there is a blue light special on toilet paper on aisle 5 for the next 10 minutes!”   Then there might be a mad dash of crazed, bargain hunters to go get that item.

That’s not the blue light I am referring to however.   Humans see color in what is referred to as the visible color spectrum.   Basically, it’s the colors we see like in a rainbow.  You can remember them by using the mnemonic fictitious name, ROY G BIV.  He is not a radio personality or even a real person…at least I don’t think so.  Anyway, it’s a tool to remember the colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.   All the guys are thinking, “What is Indigo?”   It’s basically dark blue, so unless you work at Sherwin-Williams mixing paint, it’s just trivia.

Some light is not visible to the human eye, such as Ultra-violet (U.V.) and Infrared, which is used in night vision goggles.  We all know the danger that U.V. can cause to the skin and eyes.  Blue light is next to violet and ultra violet light on the wavelength scale.

Over-exposure to blue light is becoming more and more of an issue with the eyes due to the use of electronic equipment and fluorescent lighting.  Research is showing it causes more eye and body fatigue with enough exposure. Some blue light is needed however, as it helps regulate our circadian body rhythms so we have regular sleep cycles.   Over exposure is the problem.

There is a new eyeglass treatment from Hoya Vision that helps reduce the amount of blue light we are exposed to everyday called Recharge EX3 AR.  It is a clear filter that restricts the more dangerous upper end (High Energy Visible or HEV) of the blue light spectrum.  It reflects the portion of blue light emitted from back-lit hand held devices that is “bad” and ensures the portion of blue light we need for optimal contrast and other health benefits is allowed to pass through.

 It makes your vision sharper, clearer and more comfortable when it is a part of your eyeglass lens.   Not a coating, it is a surface treatment that is part of the lens so it can’t peel off.  It reduces reflections and glare from light reflections, especially at night.  And, it’s been tested and certified by an independent lab to be as scratch resistant as glass!

Come by our office and visit with one of our opticians if you would like to see a demonstration lens and to learn more about this new product.

Until we can get someone to do something about those newer,  blinding, blue car headlights at night, this is JUST what the doctor ordered to help!

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